Pontoon / Tritoon Trailers - $2,699 (Oologah, or Lebanon)

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make / manufacturer: ToonToter / HMC
model name / number: PT20T/13
year manufactured: 2024

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New PONTOON TRAILERS ...…Call Gary @ 918 851-2000
18' Pontoon Single Axle $2699.00
20' Pontoon Single Axle $2799.00
22' Pontoon Single Axle $2899.00

20' Pontoon Tandem Axle $3299.00
22' Pontoon Tandem Axle $3399.00
24' Pontoon Tandem Axle $3499.00
26' Pontoon Tandem Axle $3599.00
28' Pontoon Tandem Axle $4299.00

20' Tri-toon Tandem Axle $3699.00
22' Tri-toon Tandem Axle $3799.00
24' Tri-toon Tandem Axle $3899.00
26' Tri-toon Tandem Axle $3999.00
28' Tri-toon Tandem Axle $4699.00

Spare Tire Kit w/ Bracket $149.00
Rear Tie Down Retractable Straps (Mount and stay on trailer) $149.00
Easy Step (Lowers 1st step to get on Ladder by 7 inches) $149.00
Rear outside load guides 60" tall $249.00
Brakes one axle Disc $ 899.00
Brakes two axle Disc $1299.00
Toon Tail (Extra support for larger engines) $299.00
Swing Tongue $299.00
Aluminum Wheel Upgrade $135.00 each.
Aluminum Wheel Spare Tire Kit. $275.00

New 28' Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Pontoon Trailer. 5" frame with disc brake. $5299.00.
New 28' Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Tri-toon Trailer. 5" frame with disc brake. $5699.00.
New 28' Heavy Duty Triple Axle Pontoon Trailer. 5" frame with double disc brakes. $6299.00.
New 28' Heavy Duty Triple Axle Tri-toon Trailer. 5" frame with double disc brakes. $6499.00.
New 30' Heavy Duty Triple Axle Pontoon Trailer. 5" frame with double disc brakes. $6799.00.
New 32' Heavy Duty Triple Axle Tri-toon Trailer. 5" frame with double disc brakes. $6999.00.

These Heavy Duty's are built on our 5" frame and it has extra leaf springs for more towing capacity rated at 5870lbs and comes with 14" wheels and tires and 2 or (3) 3500 lb axles. Triple axles are rated at 7170lbs. All of our frames are powder coated (not painted). LED lights are standard equipment. Overall length is 33' and all are fully adjustable. Even the tri-toon brackets are available in standard (same as outside toons), Adjustable (to fit all larger center toon boats) and Manitou brackets to fit your Manitou's). Extra wide ladder (bow stop) not the shin buster cheap ones.) Wind guides are standard on all of our trailers. Double wheeled Jacks are also standard. Single wheel disc brakes are standard on this model with double disc brakes optional. $400.00. Mag wheels are also availble options. These are in stock NOW! and ready for immediate delivery. We do have delivery options nationwide. Ask about all of our heavy duty trailers up to 36'. Call Gary 918 851-2000

17' DOUBLE Spark (PWC) Lightweight $1995.00 Capacity only 1800 lbs
16' DOUBLE H-D Jet Ski (PWC) $2295.00 Capacity 2750 lbs
17' DOUBLE H-D Jet Ski (PWC) $2795.00 Single Axle Capacity 2500 lbs $3295.00 Tamdem Axle Capacity 3200 lbs
24' TRIPLE PWC Jet Ski (PWC) $4395.00 Single Axle Capacity 2700 lbs $3295.00 Tamdem Axle Capacity 4700 lbs
33' Quad PWC JET SKI (PWC) $5195.00 Tandem Axle 4"frame Capacity 5000 lbs
32' Custom PWC QUAD SKI H-D $5995.00 (Heavy Duty has 5" frame, 14" wheels, extra leaf spring)
33' Custom PWC QUAD SKI H-D W/ DISC BRAKE $6895.00 (Heavy Duty has 5" frame, 14" wheels, extra leaf spring

Call about pricing for all other sizes (up to 36') to ask about single, double, or triple axle trailers.
The pontoon boat trailers featured in this ad are one of the highest quality pontoon trailers on the market today.
Our trailers have many features not found on other trailers.
Our trailers are all Powder coated or Galvanized (Hot Dipped), NOT painted.
All are equipped with L.E.D. Digital lights, Acculube hubs, Heavy Duty tongue jacks, Fully adjustable load guides and pontoon cradles, steel fenders (on all Tandem Axles), Plastic fenders are standard on all single axle trailers. Deluxe winch stands come standard with 3 over size steps and platform deck featuring anti- skid surfaces.
Wires are located inside of the tubes, not hanging like most trailers. Tail light boxes are all protected in steel.
These trailers are heavy duty and built to haul today's heavier boats with larger motors. They all feature 3500lb
axles with 13 inch ST rated tires.
All trailers come with a one year warranty. 1 to 3 Year Extended Warranty available.
Compare our trailers to others on the market today and you will see the huge difference in quality!
If you would like to know more about these trailers or need any additional information please feel free to contact us.
Call 918 851-2000. Ask for Gary.

Dealers Welcome

Our website is www.ToonToter.com
You may see us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/ToonToter/

"Let us tote your toon"

Ask about our delivery options. $1.75 per loaded mile

Toon Toter Trailers. Ask for Gary 918 851-2000

New PONTOON TRAILERS POWDER COATED...….Call Gary @ 918 851-2000

These are CASH Prices. There will be a 3% charge for credit cards


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