Possible animal shelter idea (East Texas)

The farm that I have came with the kennel. It has individual cells with doors. It was basically used as a kennel in the past however I have not done anything with it other than use it as a barn since I've lived here. I happen to love stray kitties and other strays as well. The girl that I used to live with was going to turn it into a little kennel but she doesn't live here anymore because we decided to see other people without any hard feelings or drama.

I always thought she had a good idea and I always thought it would be nice because I hate the idea of thinking about poor little animals not having anybody to love them but I really don't have the time to run the little kennel. Anyway I was wondering if there's anybody that could add to this idea and see if it's possible to set up some kind of a place for strays in the kennel. I even thought a little mural would be nice on the walls of it since it faces the highway and there's a giant steel sign board in my front field of the farm that doesn't have a sign on it yet but I thought it really pretty mural would be nice there. Do you think this is a possibility? Every time I find strays I have to try and rehome them because all of the local kennels tell me that they're full and they never call me back and when I call them back they keep saying they're two full and they just don't have any room for the strays. I think it's a shame so I'm just kind of bouncing ideas out here and seeing if there's anybody that has experience with this or would like to add to this idea or possibly move forward with it....

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