Flame point Siamese (Mineola)

Male flame point siamese looking for possible new home. Please share

I have this beautiful boy looking for a possible new home. His name is hades, also known as lanky or creeper. I got him from a friend about 6 months ago and as much as I love him, I know he would thrive in a different environment. A little background from before I got him. He was found as a stray kitten if I remember correctly. A lady took him in & eventually placed him with my friend & her parents. She loved him and took great care of him. He kinda flinches at fast movements now just due to experiences with other people. They also had a dog that wasn’t really cat friendly, not aggressive but loved to chase him. Now what I can tell you about him since he’s been with me. I’ve worked with him tons. He is a little grouchy , can be mean at first but absolutely loves his people when he warms up & will stick by your feet following you or in your lap the second you lay down (or back / leg, pretty much anywhere he fits if you’re not moving around). I do have a young kid, he does pretty well with her overall but definitely prefers she give him space unless she’s being very gentle/sweet. He tries to go outside even though he really shouldn’t, it’s a daily fight lol. At one point I did let him outside under supervision but don’t anymore. He had a leg injury a while back ( is healed and doesn’t affect him at all besides he Dosent like the leg being touched). He is about 3 / 4 years old. He has bright blue eyes and an adorable spotted nose. I have other cats and dogs, he has learned to live with them but does end up picking fights with everyone once in a while. Because of this I believe he would do best as an only animal or with maybe one other cat depending on their personality. He gets along well with gizmo, my daughters cat, they do have their moments tho. He is fixed , has had all shots. They do need to be updated for this year. He has no problem using a litter box. There is a rehoming fee. This isn’t a first come situation , I will make sure he’s going to the best possible home or he will stay with me. Like I said I love him, he loves me, and he has learned to live with my other animals, but believe he would be happier if I find the right place / person for him. Feel free to ask any questions you may have , I will have some of my own. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read it all, also just for those who may be curious I have let his previous owner know & she will be kept updated. Located in alba tx, but will meet within reason. Please just send me a message and if you or someone you may be interested in this guy!

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