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Please share….

👋🏼This is Ticky. We are looking for a great home for her.

The sad skinny photos are when we found her…DUMPED in the middle of our road, covered in ticks, and starving 😭. There was no possible way I was leaving her like that, so I brought her home with EVERY INTENTION of rehoming her. I posted her a few times on Facebook, and nothing ever came of it.

Here’s the full disclosure on her. 🩷

She is a perfect size, she doesn’t run off EVER, (and we don’t have a fence)….she is so sweet to us and our children. She loves to play and will sometimes fetch. She walks with you when you go on walks, leash or not (we live in the country). We had her spayed already, and she is up to date on her shots. She is currently on tick/flea prevention. She makes this little growl noise when she wants you to play with her, but she literally is wagging her tail when she does this…she has never been ANYTHING but kind.

Even though the animal protection league says she is 3, she is more of a puppy really. She loves to chew and she does dig.

Here’s the interesting thing. She really is great inside. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We know this because we had to bring her in quite a bit when it was freezing outside. It’s almost like she is too bored outside without us and needs to be an inside dog. You would Still need to keep an eye on her inside some, but overall, she doesn’t chew up our stuff inside.

She really is a precious dog, but we have two dogs already….. we don’t want to send her to a shelter of any kind. We prefer to find her a great home that can deal with her issues or have her inside. 🩷 We won’t give her to just anyone. Share if you know someone who might be interested in her 🥰

$50 to make sure someone isn’t using her for the wrong reasons

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