Sawdust - Pine - $20 (Mount Enterprise, Tx)

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I have a lot of sawdust that I am selling for a cheap price. This sawdust is clean and can be used for limitless homesteading applications as the list shows below. I sell a pick up load for $20, a dump truck load for $50 and a semi load for $100. I can load up your vehicle with my skid loader. Text/call me at nine 3 6 - six 1 5 - zero 2 4 six.

Use sawdust in and around plants to help repel weeds.
Use sawdust on the pathway between plants.
Use sawdust to deter slugs.
Mulch with sawdust.
Grow potatoes in sawdust.
Store root crops in a bucket that has sawdust in it.
Build a scarecrow and stuff it with sawdust.
Grow mushrooms in sawdust.
Amend the garden soil.
Mix with your compost.
Design your garden pathways with sawdust and add more to them as it breaks down and decomposes.
Feed plants.

Sprinkle sawdust on ice to help avoid falls.
Sprinkle sawdust on mud to help absorb liquid and prevent muddy feet.
Use in areas where puddles form.
Keep a bag in the car during winter months to help offer traction if you’re stuck.

Sprinkle on floors to help absorb moisture.
Aid in cleaning up wet areas by sprinkling on the floor and then sweeping up.
Help to absorb moisture in stalls and aid in clean up.
Animal bedding.
Use it on the bottom of the chicken coop.
Use in the rabbit pen.
Cat litter.
Mop up spills.
Absorb fluids after butchering.
If you’re making a project save some in a small container in case you need to make wood repairs. Be sure to label the container with the exact type of sawdust wood and the name of the project.

Use as a fire starter.
Make your own presto logs.
Make your own fire bricks.
Make your own smoker pellets.
Make your own wood filler by mixing it with some glue.
Many people used to use sawdust for insulation in walls.
Pour sawdust into cupcake liners and melt some old candle wax over them for fire starters.
Create sawdust burners to help keep warm.
Make into a “candle” using a tin can and some wax.
Use underneath of straw or hay to help absorb moisture.
Mix with moisture to make a mortar for chinking a cabin or for making bricks.
Use as mulch around trees on the homestead.
Mix it with clay or mud to create a facial (note: make sure the sawdust is a very fine dust for this to avoid any splinters).
Make a pincushion with it and use it to help keep needles and pins sharp.

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