Want to make some$$$ - $1,234 (Mabank)

Long story short, my family purchased some lots from someone that through a chain of events ended up being revealed that they are a con artist and had screwed us and many others over on the purchase of the same property. Now the property has actually sold in foreclosure for real this time and we were given no warning and are now being evicted off of the property. Right now it is me, my boyfriend, our Weiner dog and my mom's 3 dogs that I am taking care of until she returns to Texas. We have our pop up, a conversion camper we use for storage and my mom's building. We have no way to move any of them or anywhere to go. I am currently the only one employed so our income is limited, however, if someone had a lot with access to water and electricity and were willing to help us out and allow us to rent it I would gladly sign a lease, or anything they want. If they possibly had a way to help us move at least the pop up and the conversion and would let me pay out a fee for it that would be amazing and greatly appreciated. We have never been in this position before, we don't have any where to turn to. Neither of us really have any friends or anything because all the we do is keep to ourselves, go to work and home. I would be willing to sell what little bit we own to try to get as much money together as fast as possible to be able to have to give someone as much as possible up front if needed. We are running out of time. We have only about 2 weeks before we are homeless

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