2006 Chevy Impalla SS - $5,600 (Canton)

2006 Chevy Impalla SS 1 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 2 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 3 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 4 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 5 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 6 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 7 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 8 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 9 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 10 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 11 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 12 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 13 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 14 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 15 thumbnail2006 Chevy Impalla SS 16 thumbnail
VIN: 2G1WD58CX69196868
condition: excellent
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: fwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 336000
paint color: silver
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: sedan
odometer rolled over
2006 Chevrolet Impala
Please read the description in the last two images for more in depth information about the car .

I'm no car sales man... I'm just a girl .... so I will tell you everything I know about the car . To the best of my knowledge.
I am looking for a small sport utility type vehicle so if I don't end up having to go buy one brand new then I will also possibly consider a trade .

Great vehicle
Look at images for the description and details
Highway miles
2nd owner
Engine light is on because it needs a break booster sensor that gives off warnings abs traction control ect.
But has no effects on the over all drivability and dependability of this car
Will be getting it newly inspected and registration done before you purchase
Would also consider trade of a smaller dependable suv and is the reason why I'm currently selling this
It has always had regular maintenance upkeep on it as in oil changes new tires ect....

I favor silver and white but would consider black or really dark gray or blue as a possible trade in on a sports utility type vehicle.

This vehicle currently stays parked under my car port and over the last year I have only driven it less than 50 miles a week on average. I spend most of my time in my art studio and when I do drive I am needing more of an suv type vehicle in order to better transport my art and supplies ect......

Oh I wanted to put in the condition section just good due to the abs light being on and it causes it to run messages on the dash screen about the abs break and tire and traction things which that makes the brake light stay on and in order to fix that it needs a new brake booster sensors and I'm just so used to driving with that on and it was already on it when I bought the car and for the longest I never had anyone check that out and when I had the whole ac system replaced 6 months ago I wanted to sell it before I even put the ac system in it because I just got to where I never really went anywhere anymore...I spend the majority of my time in my art studio . I really haven't started looking for a small truck or an suv I'm thinking I'm needing a sport utility type of vehicle right now at this time in my life... I truly only got the impala because of my boyfriend telling me that I should get it... He's a car guy and has a pretty sweet gto and of course he's got his truck but he really really doesn't want me to sell the car... he tries to tell me how great the car is and blah blah blah and I guess that's the reason it's taken me this long to just make up my own mind and post it...

That's kinda why it's such an all over the place kinda ad and not some cool sales pitch .... I am not a car sales man and I am not stupid either. But I'm honest and will and am telling you every thing that I know to possibly tell you so that you can decide if it is worth your time efforts and money to check it out. I'm just not a good salesman I guess but I would want the same if I were interested in a vehicle I would want to know all of everything and anything possibly right or wrong with it!!

The inspection and registration is due coming up in July. So I will be taking care of that before I sell it .So it will have fresh registration. I have the title in hand . It's clear clean texas title in my name ! If it sells I will immediately take it off of my policy as well as report it to the dmv . I was also told to take the plates off of it before selling it .. I've never done that before but I assume I will decide that when the time comes.

Please don't waste anyone's time . I will be free today Friday and Sat only this week .Sunday will not work for me.
If you are super serious and want to physically come to look at it then at that point I will give you my boyfriends number and I'll still be available however its just for safety reasons... a girl can never be to safe !!! Ok I'm gonna let you get back to it then....
Please only serious inquiries do feel free to send me a text message any time
Nine zero three 340 six eight one five
Clean clear texas bue title
Thank you and have a blessed day

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