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re: film the police -The rest of the story

Be on guard (Texico) pic

44 always film the police 44

39 very simple(today friday) 39 (tyler or close to)

Thomas Jefferson

re Does anybody know...AAA

No time to protest, I work- do you? (lindale) pic

Religion of Peace and Love

28 Does anybody know of any a a a or drug support groups in around longvi 28 (longview)

Chill (Chillville Tx) pic

re;re;re; pic

My 2 cents (ETEX)

Your tax dollars... (Henderson) pic

rere: Mark Dixon pic

re:re:PP (LV)

30 Watch out for this Bitch 30 (tyler tx) pic

re: to Mark Dixon pic

Oh no he di'in (tylr) pic

divorced from reality (lindale)

Top 5 answers (Tex.)

To: Mark Dixon

Re: PP

The short bus-reeree's of obamaland (tyler tx)

The Joni Ernst rebuttal pic

re: PP (USA) (LV)

peace and love

Don't mess with Big Brother (Texas)

47 Poor mechanic 47 (Tyler)

The 23rd Pslums (fthr grduchee)

Irony is racist (ETEX)

The Killing Of DR. King's Dream (longview) pic

Missionaries of Unhappiness (wshIdsdtht)

As Americans sit idly by.... pic

re Good Job pic

Good Job Texas (1 Guess) pic

you hit the nail on the head for sure sugar (east t)


Ow Lawd, this is a trabisty (lindale) pic

Politically motivated sabotage backfires (south tyler)

black guy names justice in the 80's (mt pleasant)


Wake up

You can't fix stupid or Obamacare

Playing the PC "phobia" card pic

Re : Hey France (GBC) pic

re: Shame (tyler tx)

39 Nifty Tee 39 (Gilmer) pic

Bringing shame to a once great nation (Tx) pic

27 looking for a female roommate 27 (Palestine)

50 Why so surprised? 50

System collapse, right before your eyes

re Why....Hold on tight it's about to get uglier (Indastyix Tx.)

Haunting touching memorable (lindale)

Hell they can't even finish High School, Beavis (longview)

A little planning goes a long way..... pic

responsible citizen, victim or slave (Tylr) pic

Re # whatever (in the country)


42 Top 5... Thanks for the info. 42

rerere: Top 5

Hey France, hows that gun ban working out for you? (bullard) pic

re: Top 5 (Tyler)

Top 5 -Part 3 (Tex)

Top 5-Part 1 (Tex)

Top 5 -Part 2 (Tex)

O-care enrollees are in for a surprise (Hendeson) pic

Re1:re: ain't no saints in Texas pic

Modus Operandi (longview) pic

Holy crap (lindale) pic

The debate continues. (Tylr) pic

Part 2 : The Tools

Part 1

re: ain't no saints in tx

I can't breath.... yes, REALLY

Gotta keepem down on the farm (lindale) pic

Insurance is for the future (tyler)

re:re: quit (bullard)

13 consecutive years (bullard) pic

re: quit (Bullard) Dec 27

noaintsntexas pic

Black Lives Matter-evidently not in Chicago pic

re: quit (bullard)

Kudos to JetBlue (lindale) pic

Quit lying to yourself-quit being his puppet (NYPD)

The scum is in a fiery pit forever dying (longview) pic

To Jason V. pic

Learn from history or die (lindale) pic

Funny (tyler) pic

Cleveland Browns Billboard!! pic

Re: Congratulations (Longview)


Maafa 21 (tyler) pic

re Really (specifically NOYFB)

Re... GOD Help Me!!

27 Really.... 27 (Longview)

General consensus: He sucks pic

Wealth Gap = Hate (bullard) pic

I bought 100 of these.... (Texas) pic

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28 young shy latina seeks friends to kik 28 (carrollton)

53 its a great day to flash !!! (Y)(Y) 53 (granbury) pic

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