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Didn't pull the race card, I'm afraid [xundo]

Re: the good doctor ('round here) pic [xundo]

The good "doctor"... ('round here) pic [xundo]

Correcting you on illegal immigrants again [xundo]

The Victims [xundo]

just curious . . . (Larue) pic [xundo]

The victims were white, no problem (tyler) pic [xundo]

I laugh and then it hits me you're seriously ignorant (Longview) pic [xundo]

What if they left? pic [xundo]

What if they left? [xundo]

Defunding Planned Parenthood puts black women's lives in the balance. [xundo]

she packed some weight on this year (tatum) [xundo]

Hold up on the car wash boys... ('round here) pic [xundo]

CBO says closer to $10 billion. [xundo]

holy ali snackbar (henderson) pic [xundo]

Just aks the docta (tyler) pic [xundo]

Best damn halloween costume yet pic [xundo]

Curt Schilling latest vicitim of political correctness (for posting the truth) [xundo]

Fact ('round here) [xundo]

Definitely not sorry yet. [xundo]

No, you did it again pic [xundo]

You did it again. Not Ben Stein's quote. [xundo]

Sorry Yet ? pic [xundo]

Sol Stoher??? (Tyler) [xundo]

over a text message... (tyler) [xundo]

BIG DIFF (Henderson) pic [xundo]

Dufus Liberal definition # 2 (Longview) pic [xundo]

Unedited PP Transcript [xundo]

Truth is... (America) pic [xundo]

Transitional Reinsurance Program pic [xundo]

Dufus Liberal definition No 1 (Longview) [xundo]

U so funny (Tyler Tx.) pic [xundo]

Official Scowl of The USA pic [xundo]

Obamacare, so good it had to be made mandatory pic [xundo]

More misinformation from Larue [xundo]

The jig is up on Planned Murderhood. (Larue) pic [xundo]

4 Ways Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for Abortions (Larue) pic [xundo]

were are you (unknown) pic [xundo]

Debunking your un-impressive debunking (Tex) pic [xundo]

Debunking the "Debunking" [xundo]

it has been over a year now (tatum) [xundo]

Debunking lies about the need for Planned Murderhood (Larue) pic [xundo]


sometimes a man just wants to go down pic [xundo]

Hot shot advice (Palestine) [xundo]

Planned Parenthood's Lame Defenses (Larue) [xundo]

'Anchor Baby' Flap Shows Left Losing Grip (Larue) pic [xundo]

No criminal wrongdoing, no double standard [xundo]

How Bout You Go F_ _ _ Yourself D'asses pic [xundo]

Liberal Double Standards and Planned Parenthood (Larue) pic [xundo]

none ya (east T) [xundo]

Oh, it only has to do with midterm voter turnout [xundo]

Beware a balanced budget [xundo]

kicking and screaming into the future indeed (fstenurseatbelt) [xundo]

WTF dd she just say pic [xundo]

re: he, she it (GdLvshzfrks) [xundo]

RE: RE: Byrd/Duke (America) pic [xundo]

Re: Byrd/Duke [xundo]

People just like you and I pic [xundo]

re he/she/it (Larue) pic [xundo]

Senator Byrd (America) pic [xundo]

He, She,'s a Heshit pic [xundo]

God have mercy pic [xundo]

GOP Keeps Their Creeps [xundo]

The Democrat Party: pic [xundo]

WLM WhiteLivesMatter (tyler) pic [xundo]

more troll bait (Larue) pic [xundo]

How to get elected [xundo]

re: Spiritual Help.... (Texas) [xundo]

Spiritual help please (Palestine) [xundo]

The Right's Perpetual Victimhood pic [xundo]

Whom will you serve? (Larue) pic [xundo]

Look at ole Willie pic [xundo]

re democrat (North Dakota) pic [xundo]

I hope you're one of theirs...I really do... [xundo]

The illusion of choice [xundo]

The En problem: Brought to US by 1%-ers [xundo]

Re: If I Were A Democrat (Louisiana) [xundo]

Women Do Need Planned Parenthood [xundo]

Women don't need Planned Murderhood. (Larue) pic [xundo]

If I Were a Democrat....... (tyler tx) pic [xundo]

College accused of racism pic [xundo]

The Naked Face Of Corruption (Longler) pic [xundo]

NEXT PRESIDENT (ALL) pic [xundo]

Daaaaymn, tell us how you really feel (Truthurts Tx) pic [xundo]

Grandma's Girl (Texas) [xundo]

Slow your roll, donut hole (Straight Outta Compton) pic [xundo]

PAY ATTENTION (ALL) pic [xundo]

Illegals Should Be getting Excited (Texas) [xundo]

re: the truth (tyler) pic [xundo]

The truth about waiting periods [xundo]

Satan v. the People (Larue) [xundo]


Take the servant's entrance round back pic [xundo]

Armed but not dangerous (Winona) [xundo]

question [xundo]

Except it's not a baseless attack [xundo]

a taste of your own medicine, ETX-ass (Larue) [xundo]

Fifth video also edited deception [xundo]

A fifth damaging video released pic [xundo]

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